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COVID 19 Impact on Aviation Industry

Global Analysis of COVID 19 Pandemic on the Aviation Industry

COVID 19 PandemicAs we all know that the world has been hit with a severe crisis amidst the Pandemic outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19) emerging from Wuhan, China in late December 2019. This global outbreak rapidly increased due to its high infectious rate and started taking over countries like Iran, ...
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In Conversation with the Career Counselor – Ismail Javed

What is Aviation? Aviation is any product or service related to aircraft, which may include but not limited to the following: Pilots Cabin Crew Ground Handling Air Ticketing and Passenger Handling Maintenance Engineering What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering? Machine is anything that saves your time and eases your task. By ...
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Aviation Mechanics Engineering Program

Everything You Need to Know About Aviation Mechanics Engineering Program

In the aviation industry, mechanics play an important role. Examiners, maintenance and repair technicians are making significant contributions to keep pilots and passengers safe in the sky. When you look forward to pursuing a career in aircraft maintenance or engineering, you may be making an intelligent choice. Although it is ...
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A Successful Career in the Aviation Industry

Apart from the appeal of piloting an airplane, there are many positions in the aviation industry. Many routes lead to a career in aviation, like dirtying your hands during construction and maintenance work. You may be familiar with one common career path if you’re looking for a job in the ...
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