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EASA Part-66 Examination

EASA is the European Aviation Safety Agency. The mission of this agency is to promote the highest level of environmental and safety standard in the European civil aviation industry. It was set up by the European Union. The job of EASA is to develop and impose rules regarding safety and environment at the European level. Not only they make rules they also provide countries in the European Union with the necessary technical assistance to impose those rules. Moreover, they give training, certification of various kinds to all members of the EU. The training is the same across all countries of the EU. 

We are providing EASA Part66 Examinations with the affiliation of Airtech Buildung Germany having approval number DE.147.0014. Its also includes Refresher Training from Easa 147 Approved Instructors. The main strengths that distinguish us are delivering a value-added training experience through enthusiastic teachers, direct on-site access to aircraft, the use of industry-leading training technologies, and the most efficient and effective learning procedures.

 EASA license and certification from EASA. EASA part 66 is a program that once you complete it you will be awarded the license of aircraft maintenance engineer and you will be able to work in any country in the European Union. 

Your job will be to maintain the aircraft on a level that not only needs basic repairs but also to replace the parts of the aircraft when the aircraft is in service and during turnarounds. You will be working with air crafts and helicopters both. Generally, there is a different level of maintenance engineer with this three-year course which also provides the practical experience you will get a computer Category A license. Planes and helicopter you will be working with are as followed.

  • You will be working with airplanes with turbine engines, airplanes with piston engines.
  • You will be working with helicopters with turbine engines and helicopters with piston engines.

Our EASA Examination Session

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Summer Admission 2021
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