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About HAWK Aviation Services® (HAS)

Hawk Aviation Services ® (HAS) is a national organization that promotes excellence in aviation technical training education. We value the aviation sector by focusing on the standards contribution as part of the wider learning experience for maintenance and training organizations. We are fully focused on enhancing teaching methods and individual teaching practice to effectively enhance the student’s journey into, through, and beyond higher education. We assist to increase the profile of knowledge transfer so that individuals are acknowledged for their job and inspired to continue to develop their level of knowledge and careers.

HAS contributed by offering an atmosphere conducive to learning, teaching, educational investigation, and innovation, preserving educational excellence and professionalism, to setting norms and structures for elevating socio-economic order. HAX adheres to establish structures in form of their training school to ensure good governance through qualified and industrially experienced instructors to manage and transfer best possible knowledge.

HAS history

Board of Director’s Messages

Engr. Adeel Israr

Chief Executive Officer

Hawk Aviation Services

HAS is built to last forever. Primary provision should be fulfilled with the same dedication, truthfulness and honesty in spite of the presence or absence of founders of the organization. The establishment of this organization is to eradicate the rising unemployment in the country (Pakistan) with their time saving and cost effective training programs, Maintenance Organization and other economically sounds projects. All the loyal and honest team members working in this organization are the pillars of HAS. This Company will continue to benefit its employees for the rest of the world. INSHA-ALLAH

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M Hamza Akhter

Chief Operating Officer

Hawk Aviation Services

Muhammad Zeeshan Naseem

Examination Manager

Hawk Aviation Services

As BODs of Hawk Aviation Services, we are carrying the justified pride of excellence and professionalism in aviation sector of Pakistan to promote the most neglected engineering profession which can actually boost the economic sector of our country.

We are striving confidently towards the future with our vision and mission nationally and internationally; our dynamic ye mature corporate structure that is always open to accept any changes; our virtuous approach comprising strong work ethics and our expanding technical and practical knowledge for our future to be Aircraft engineers.

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Rizwan Arfi

Quality Manager

Hawk Aviation Services

Abdul Sami Abbasi

Senior Consultant

Hawk Aviation Services

EASA Examiner Message


I am CEO Air Tech Bildung, Germany and we are working worldwide. We have outstations in Asian countries and South American. We are EASA Part 147 approved school having approval number DE.147.0014 fully approved and following EASA part 147 that is continuation airworthiness and Hawk Aviation Services is implementing a national Pakistani school in three major cities and gives students of Pakistan a chance that they also get international knowledge and Certificates and also opportunity to join like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and National PIA,Airblue and Serene and they have all material of Air Tech Bildung i.e. EASA approved and recognized by Civil Aviation Authority Germany and so they learn basic for the future

That is very important only with international license you have opportunity in market like Singapore have more companies 145 that means complex aircraft for which you can do maintenance like on Boeing 777, A350 and also A380, and they get Certificate of Recognition if they pas all necessary module from Mathematic up to Propellers, after getting Certificate of Recognition they can employ in national and international maintenance organizations Asian market is more growing than Europe and American, in the past American market was at first but IATA report from last year says it has changed and now American market is in place three. European market is in middle. Presently, Asian market is coming up, you have now many opportunities in Arabic Asian market if you look to hubs in Qatar which is also a hub, Oman and Srilanka want to be a hub of future for the Asian market. Dubai in UAE is nowadays running as a hub for the Asian market.

Many opportunities for Hawk Aviation Services students await so that they can have good job outside the country also but also they need experience. Firstly, they must go to small flying clubs in general aviation area Karachi/Lahore or anywhere they get opportunity in general aviation and then they must look for commercial airline, they would learn from the basic to grow up slowly in general aviation.

I personally think, it is good that Air Tech Bildung have cooperation with HAWK Aviation Services, where Hawk is under umbrella of Air Tech Bildung germany which is international recognized school and their certificates are fully approve all over the world so there is no restriction for candidates for future of young children in Pakistan.

Stephen Stuew
Air Tech Bildung

What We Offer.

We are providing EASA Part66 Examinations with affiliation of Airtech Buildung Germany having approval number DE.147.0014. It’s also includes Refresher Training from EASA 147 Approved Instructors.

EASA Exam Stations:

Karachi Station
Lahore Station

KSA Station


UAE Station

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