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EASA Part-66 Examination

EASA is the European Aviation Safety Agency. The mission of this agency is to promote the highest level of environmental and safety standard in the European civil aviation industry. It was set up by the European Union. The job of EASA is to develop and impose rules regarding safety and environment at the European level. Not only they make rules they also provide countries in the European Union with the necessary technical assistance to impose those rules. Moreover, they give training, certification of various kinds to all members of the EU. The training is the same across all countries of the EU.

We are providing EASA Part66 Examinations with the affiliation of Airtech Buildung Germany having approval number DE.147.0014. It’s also includes Refresher Training from EASA 147 Approved Instructors. The main strengths that distinguish us are delivering a value-added training experience through enthusiastic instructors, direct on-site access to aircraft, the use of industry-leading training technologies, and the most efficient and effective learning procedures.

EASA part 66 is a program that once you complete it and after certain working experience you will be awarded the license of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AMEL) and you will able to certify aircrafts and work in any country in the European Union and all over the world

Your job will have to maintain the aircraft on a level that not only needs basic repairs but also to replace the parts of the aircraft when the aircraft is in service and during turnarounds. You will be working with aircrafts and helicopters both. Generally, there is a different level of maintenance engineer with two, three and five year practical maintenance experience and you will get a Category A/B1/B2 licenses. Planes and helicopter you will be working with are as follows.

  • You will be working with airplanes with turbine engines, airplanes with piston engines.
  • You will be working with helicopters with turbine engines and helicopters with piston engines

EASA Exam Stations in Pakistan

Hawk Aviation Services is Pakistan’s First organization with its established Technical Training School of Aviation located Karachi. HAS provides EASA Part – 66 B1.1 Examinations in collaboration with Air-Tech Bildung, Germany. Air-Tech Bildung is an approved EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Part – 147 training institute.

Hawk Aviation Services started its “EASA in Pakistan” journey with the collaboration of Airtech Bildung, Germany, back in 2017 and in a quite short span of time, it has set the bars so high with the dedication, passion and enthusiasm as an amelioration in Aviation industry and it can be seen with the number of sessions that have been conducted till the date and the number of candidates who are been appearing in those sessions.

Hawk Aviation Services provided a platform for those who wanted to gain EASA license in Pakistan. After every three months, EASA Part – 66 exams sessions conducted in all stations in Pakistan (ISB / LHE / KHI).

EASA EXAM FEE Package (For Pakistan Only)

All Modules  = 3000 Euros (With Multiple Re-sits)

EASA Exam Stations Internationally

Taking the first step is essential to get on the other side and establish a new horizon. Hawk Aviation Services is providing an authentic part-66 exams platform not only for the citizens of Pakistan, but it has also opened up its wing to let the global citizens regardless of any nationality come and get benefits from it through its EASA examinations centers in UAE and KSA specifically in Jeddah and Sharjah.

Hawk Aviation Services started its “EASA in UAE” journey with the collaboration of Airtech Bildung, Germany, back in 2019 in which almost 250+ candidates from all around the globe have been appeared and left the examination centre with satisfaction and positive feedback.Hawk Aviation Services is the only Pakistani organization maintaining its legacy which is emerged and sustained in a two years period only and its consistency and professionalism can be witnessed through a couple of years journey as it held the EASA Part – 66 exams sessions amid of pandemic as well with the safety precautions and following all the SOPs defined by WHO.

EASA EXAM FEE Package (For International Candidate)

All Modules  = 3500 Euros (With Multiple Re-sits)

Type Training Course

Having a type rating provides AME the necessary competencies with a comprehensive knowledge of the systems and skills required on that aircraft type.

We offer a comprehensive suite of Aircraft Type Training courses focusing on Beech Aircraft covering both theoretical and practical elements. Our training solutions are highly customizable, ranging from full B1/B2 type training as well as Limitations Removal, Engine Differences and much more. All courses comply with EASA PART-147 regulations and together with our partners, can issue dual authority certifications to match your specific requirements.

For registration and info to recently offered type training

Contact: 92-332-2378625 , +971-509-207971

A Detailed (Level III) training in Categories B1 and or B2 on Beechcraft Airframe, Systems, Engines and other Aircraft Types for anyone from all over the world.

On Successful completion of EASA Part 147 approved Aircraft Type Training you will be able to endorse that Aircraft Type to your Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

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