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   ● Offering 4 years Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program with theory and OJT. ● Two years Certificate Program with one year theory and one year OJT. ● One year EASA Part 66 Modular Program. ●One Year Practical Maintenance Program. ●Offering for the first time Evening and weekend program for working individuals.


4 Years EASA Part 66 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Unfortunately, top engineering  universities in Pakistan are still lacking the practical and industry driven  training in their offer degree program which lead to unsatisfactory or low salaried job placement of graduates

We have prepared special Part 66 exams (CAT A), training and preparation courses, so you can get your license in the shortest amount of time.

At Hawk Aviation services, affiliated with Air Tech Bildung Germany, EASA Part 147 approved training organization; we train aircraft maintenance engineers by our successful training process.

With highest salaries in technical realm, you can become one of the most on demand professional worldwide. Furthermore, by acquiring this EASA Part 66 license, your career opportunities can expand in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and globally. You can apply for full module package training at following Fee Package:

European License:

HAS(TTS) will facilitate you in acquiring Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License from any European country after successful completion of four years

EASA Certificate:

HAS(TTS) will issue module wise certificate on passing each.


Mode of Study at HAWK Aviation Services (Technical Training School)


1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year Convocation
Theoretical Training and EASA exams in following stations:
(Karachi) or
(Islamabad) or
Theoretical Training + Practical Training
(ASSL-Karachi) or (Hybrid- Lahore)
Practical Training
(ASSL-Karachi) or (Hybrid- Lahore)
Practical Training (Serene Air – In Karachi) CAT A License

Fee Structure:

Admission Fee PKR 25,000/-
Monthly Fee for 3 Years PKR 25,000/-
4th Year Monthly Charges (Subject to change depend on Serene Air) PKR 25,000/-
Security Deposit (Refundable) PKR 10,000/-
Annual Charges PKR 25,000/-
EASA Exam Fee (in Euros depend on actual rate) €120 per course
Note: Annual charges to be paid at the beginning of the 2nd, 3rd & 4th training year

2 Years EASA Part-66 Module Certificate Program

We have prepared special EASA Part 66 Module certificate program to facilitate those who wanted to acquire International Standard Education in Pakistan with affordable Fee package and start their career in less amount of time in the field of aviation.
The modern world relies substantially on air travel and transport. Just around the corner, there are hundreds of planes in the air, and someone must be in charge to make sure they are all safe. So engineers with European Certificate / License are highly vendible.
The benefits of earning this particular certificate may be better salary at your current job or the opportunity to apply for a position with more upward mobility.
CERTIFICATE: HAX will issue CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION module wise on passing each along with one year MAINTENANCE EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE on successful completion of this program. No Additional Fee.

Mode of Study


1st Year 2nd Year On Completion
Theoretical Training and EASA exams in Karachi / Islamabad /Lahore Theoretical Training + Practical Training ASSL-Karachi /Hybrid- Lahore EASA Module Certificate & 1 Year Experience Certificate

Fee Structure:

HAX FEE STRUCTURE PKR – 2 Years Certificate Program

Min Eligibility Matric/ Inter/ DAE/ O-A Levels
18 years or over
Admission Fee PKR 25,000/-
Monthly Fee for 2 Years 25,000*24 = 600,000
Course books, Uniform, Coverall & Safety Shoes PKR 25,000/-
ASSL registration PKR 10,000/-
Total Cost PKR 6,65,000/-

Note: EASA Exam Fee (in Euros depend on actual rate)€120 per course

01 Year EASA Part 66 Modular Program

We offer services to conduct EASA Part 66 Modular Exams according to the requirements of applicants at our Approved Location. This service is also a productive option for fresh Graduates of Aerospace Engineering or Aircraft Maintenance Technology to join our service as External Candidates and gain EASA Part 66 Modular Examinations which will open their gates to Commercial Industry as EASA AML Holder. Further Airlines/PAF Engineers or MROs staff can also achieve our service to gain EASA Part 66 qualification as per the requirements of the Modern Aviation Industry.
• All the materials, reviews and exams are in English
• During the self-study process, you are able to contact the instructor for all clarification
• We send you PDF study materials so you can study at home and provide you with refresher week before the exam to make you fully prepared.
LOCATION: Individual or an organization can gain this service with us with full faith of quality control and standards. HAX is an approved MTOE EXCLUSIVE permanent location. We can schedule Exams as per the requirement and timetable of an organization with minimum 10 candidates in per modular exam. Its a time saving service for people related to Industry who already have commercial experience or young students who recently completed their Degree in Aircraft Maintenance/Aerospace.
CERTIFICATE: It is important to mention that on this service of External EASA PART 66 Exams, HAX will issue CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION module wise on passing each.

Mode of Study


1st Year On Completion
Theoretical Training and EASA exams in Karachi / Islamabad /Lahore EASA Module Certificate & 1 Year Experience Certificate

Fee Structure:


Eligibility Fresh Graduates, Airlines/PAF Engineers, MROs staff
Admission Fee PKR 15,000/-
Tuition Fee per month 10,000*12 = 1,20,000
Total Package PKR 1,35,000/-
EASA Exam Fee (in Euros) €150 per course with one reset
Weekend Classes (Afternoon Slot) Friday-Saturday-Sunday

01 Year Maintenance Experience Program

After years of education, graduates have plans of being hired for a great new job that pays a great salary but their hopes end up with either no response from employer they applied to, or being told that they need experienced workers. Our 1 year Maintenance Experience Program will help you strengthen your academic qualification and will make you number one choice for employers.

HAX FEE STRUCTURE – 1 Year Maintenance Experience Program

Eligibility Fresh Graduates, Airlines/PAF Engineers, MROs staff
Registration Fee PKR 50,000/-
Duration 1 Year
Seats Limited
Per Month Fee PKR 25,000*12=300,000
Location 6 Months Experience at Aircraft Sales and Service Ltd (Jinnah International) 6 Months Experience at Serene Engineering Services
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