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What is the difference between Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Aerospace Engineering?

Aircraft maintenance Engineering is related with understanding failures, working out maintenance schedules and methods and understanding predictive maintenance. It includes maintenance of both aerospace and avionics.

Aerospace engineering course mostly related with the design of a plane, its handling and many other properties related to its actual flight.

From where can I get Theory classes?

At Hawk Aviation Institute, located at Block 6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

What are the number of papers for B1, B1.2 and B2?

To apply for an EASA B1 license, the student must pass 16 EASA papers (13 Mcqs and 3 Essays).

To apply for an EASA B2 license, the student must pass 15 EASA papers (12 Mcqs and 3 Essays).

From where can I get Practical Training?

  • Two years at Aircraft Sales and Services Limited (ASSL) located at Jinnah International
  • One year at Serene Engineering Services.

What is probability of getting license?

100% issuance of License upon successful completion of Modules and Practical.

What is a process of acquiring CAT A, B1 and B2 licenses?

  • Basic license for stepping in the aviation field


13 Modules + 03 years of Practical training = CAT A (4 years)


  • Specialization License in Aerospace

B1 (Aerospace/ Mechanical)

13 Modules + 2 year practical training experience after CAT A License = B1


  • Specialization License In Avionics

B2 (Avionics / Electrical)

12 Modules cleared + Additional 2 year practical training experience after 3 years of initial experience (total 5 years) =B2

What is the body which issues the European CAT A license?

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is an agency of the European Union (EU) with regulatory and executive tasks in civilian aviation safety. EASA will issue the license upon completing training at an approved EASA Part-147 training center and three years of on the job training.

How to enroll in AME program?

Click Here for further details

At what age can I start my AME training?

You can start right after you have completed your high school education. Our students begin at the age of 18, but you may start as early as 17.

What is the difference between pursuing a Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and a Licensed based program?

The aviation industry requires an individual to have a license to certify an aircraft. In most cases, degree holders must acquire a license before becoming a full-fledged AME, which entails completing the Licensing Program. Obtaining a license is the fastest route to becoming a Licensed AME.

Where do I work once I completed this program?

  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations
  • Airlines
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Operation Organizations
  • Flying Clubs

Aviation Training Centers

Can we work with an EASA license in Pakistan?

Yes, an EASA license holder can work and certify aircrafts in Pakistan after passing PCAA legislation requirements.

What is difference between B1 and B2?

The B1 license is a mechanical based license and permits the holder to issue certificates of release to service following line maintenance, including aircraft structure, power plants and mechanical systems.

The B2 license is avionic based and permits the holder to issue certificates of release to service, following line maintenance on avionic side of aircraft which includes electric and electronics.

What qualifications do I obtain from the training in an EASA Part-147 training center?

Hawk Aviation will facilitate you in acquiring Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License from any European country after successful completion of four years and will issue module wise EASA certificate on passing each.

How long does it take to complete training for license?

It takes three years of training.

What is the worth of this license?

It’s accepting worldwide.

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